Welcome to the Website of the Town and Country Chapter of the National Woodie Club

A Message From Your Founding/Retired President

Welcome to the Website of the Town and Country Chapter of the National Woodie Club.  As I was gathering my thoughts about the first Website devoted to our interest in the wooden bodied Chrysler Town and Country, it occurred to me that, way back in the 1940s, the first owners of what are now vintage classics would have read this introduction about the “Town and Country Website” and wouldn’t have had a clue about what this website thing was all about.

But here we all are in the age of electronic communication, and we are jumping in, in Star Trek terms, “to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before.”

A Message From Your Founding/Retired President

By way of introduction,  I am Robert C. Leher, your fearless president (retired), doing my best to lead us into the new age of cyberspace. Before I took up the cause of getting us all together for this journey, I was a lawyer (yes, a lawyer) for some twenty-seven years.  My wonderful wife Carole and I have the privilege of enjoying our second T&C, a 1948 St. Clair blue convertible.  It took me almost seven years to restore this car from nearly junk yard status.  I used to tell people about my long term  project, thinking that there was some sort of status in hanging in there for so long until the finish.  But often the response from the person hearing my story was that “Well, my restoration took eight, nine, or ten years (or even more). Carole and I are now lucky enough to be living in Naples, Florida in the winter and Denver, Colorado in the summer.  Our son, Cooper, is getting his Masters degree at the University of Oregon.

I would like to thank our two other officers, Harold Mermel (current President) and Terry Neeley (current Executive Vice President), who have been working ceaselessly for the last six months to get our Chapter off the ground.  Harold’s input and constant work in encouraging new members has been invaluable.  Terry has been the heart and soul of the new Website.   Special thanks also go out to Bob Porter, whose encouragement and advice has helped to make this all happen.  I also want to thank Jerry Witt, Mike Grajcar and the members of the Board of the National Woodie Club who have welcomed us aboard.

Here is the important thing.  I repeat, here is the important thing.  Our Chapter and the new Website will be as successful as the information that goes into them.  Each of you is involved with the hobby in different ways.  Take a moment and send us an email about what you are doing, and we will get it on the website and share it with our membership.  Are you working on a project?  Take some photos (including a picture of you) and send them to us. Let us know what your special project is about, and we will put it online.  Are you going to a local, regional, or national show?  Email us the pictures, and tell us about it (even if it is just a paragraph or two) and you can become a star on our website.  We need technical information, history, and where to find parts.  Looking to buy or sell a car?  Let us know.  We will circulate the info. I think you get the idea. We need everyone to participate actively in the Chapter.

I recognize we are in our infancy in a hobby of not so infant cars, and we need you to jump in and share whatever you are doing. This will make it happen.


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